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A Whisper From Mercy


n the midst of anguish, I have garnered

faith when all seemed lost - where the

sun set on "what I cannot change" and

cloaked me in this darkness that is

forever wrought with remnants

from our time together.


Apart from serenity, I have been hushed

in a recollection of moments that once

rendered me whole - where all it took

was your breath upon my skin to deliver

my soul from the emptiness which

lingers now without you.


Between the sorrow that consumes and "the

wisdom to know the difference", I still reach

for you when the ink from my tears scribe

bitter reminders of what is gone - here where

the words once flowed so effortlessly with

the sound of my name upon your lips.


Although tranquility comes with the dawn, I

still cling to the stars and their promise

of your touch. And though the light of day

grants a reprieve from my tears, I will

surrender to the shadows for as long as

I can reside there in your presence.


My days dwell in eternity and yet the darkness

is fleeting - but given a choice of the sun's

solace from the ache or a moon's lament in

your arms, I give you my nights and what

remains of this heart you once cherished.


Here, my love

...a step away from grace...

and a whisper away from mercy.


Stephanie Sullivan


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