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Some go,

Some stay,

Those who mean the most to you,

Never go away. 

Could be a childhood friend,

Or someone from the gym,

Could be a work colleague,

Going through thick and thin. 

Laughing to the core,

You know the score,

Out on the piss,

A weekly fix.

Solid relationships, 

Through and through,

Comes down to a fight,

I'm right behind you. 

As girl's come along,

Into the mix,

Pull the lads apart,

An inevitable life fix. 

Times together,

Not as frequent as before,

Times to remember,

Laughing to the core. 

Hardships or heartbreak,

They are there for you,

Solid bond between us,

So solid crew.

Laughs, tears and chats,


Feeling like you can't go on,

Share your burdens with me.  

Your not blood,


Shared so many experiences,

Feel closer to thee. 

Council estates one and the same,

Strangers not welcome,

Protect one another,

Because of our name. 

No value on education,

No value on career,

No value on the future,

Live for today it's clear.

Despite hardships in life,

Come together as one,

Despite hellish memories,

You're my number one. 

Step out of these circles,


Meet some good people,

Not really like me.

Met some different classes of people,

Switched on, brilliantly,

Scratch beneath the surface,

Self-destructive, like everybody. 

Different core,

Different values,

Something about you,

I don't agree

Can be polite,

Can walk and talk in society,

Can you fight,

Believe in camaraderie?

When all is said and done,

You are not like me,

When all is said and done,

Council kid, proud to be. 

Another generation,

Produced from the crew,

Another generation,

Acting just like you used too. 

On it goes,

Forever and a day,

My friends are the best,

Till death makes them go away.


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