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How, after all this time, 

I still want you,

Years have gone by,

Nothing is new. 

We met in the capital,

On a tinder date,

You looked stunning,

Immediately want to copulate.

Etiquette at first,

A demanding thing,

Generalised conversation,

My groin is raging. 

We drink, we talk,

Not interesting for you,

Your mind is elsewhere,

As mine is too. 

Small talk is cheap,

When passion is present.

Small talk is redundant,

I've got you a hard present.  

I ask if you'd like,

To go upstairs,

You nod and head,

For upstairs. 

Hotel room,

Is hot and sultry,

The attraction is deep,

Clothes off in a hurry. 

Never have I,

Found someone like you,

Never have I,

Met another like you.

We kiss and wrap,

Our bodies intertwine,

We explore some more,

Feels heavenly divine. 

Your body,

Your lips,

Your breasts 

We're in sync. 

How can this be,


It's like a story,

We're meant to be. 

Passion is intense,

In this room of love,

Passion makes sense,

I want much more. 

An expert tongue,


A body for sin,


Moans of pleasure,

On this evening of pure delight,

Breaths of excitement,

For both of us tonight. 

We stop,

We start,

We go again,

Pure heart.

Frustrations abound,

Always to be found,

Can't away be together,

This is not sound. 

When we do,

Pleasure for two,

Orgasms a plenty,

For me and you. 

This sexual journey,

Years in the making,

Eagerness still present,

Still wanting. 

Will I ever,

Be able to let go of you,

Will I ever,

Be able to say I'm through. 

Unlikely not,

I'd definitely say,

Drug of my life,

Only goes one way.

Slave to you,

When watching you,

Social media a curse,

Desiring you. 

Can not let,

Go of this bliss,

Can not let,

My heart skip another miss. 

Motionless in my life,

Doing the same old thing,

Wheels of motion in your life,

Global trotting. 

I wonder if your partner,

Knows this part of you,

Tempted to tell your partner,

What it is you do.

Check myself for signs of envy,

Can't keep on doing this to me,

Check myself for signs of lust,

Can't stop these repeating memories.


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