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I wonder if it will happen,

Again to me,

To feel connected, wholesome,

Before the big man want's me. 

It's been a long time,

Since I felt that way,

Combined as one,

It's just been at bay.

So much as happened,

When it happened before,

20 something jack the lad,

You know the score. 

We spoke,

We shared,

We connected,

We laid our soul's bare. 

I would love that feeling,

Again for me,

To feel like someone understands,

Get's me for me. 

No fears,

No pretending

No lies,

Total acceptance. 

I show you my past, 

You don't judge me,

Spend my future with you,

Working on it presently. 

I offer you my pure heart,

To do as you wish,

Know that I'm yours,

Your love is my wish. 

Hold and be with you,


You can have my soul,

It no longer belongs to me. 

Our eye's connect,

In room full of people,

Our heart's connect,

Even when I can't be with you. 

To sense this joy,

In that part of me,

That part I can't reach,

Only you can reach.

I'd love and support you,

No problem for me,

I'd lay my life down for you,

No Problem for me. 

My lady is there,

Waiting for me,

Forgot those apps,

Soul destroying.

I sit and wait,


I keep myself occupied,

I just want to love thee. 

When it happens,

I'll know for sure,

You'll be the first to know,

We'll connect to one another's core. 



Food and,


This is what I want

For you, can you see,

I give myself to you.


If you say yes,

Whilst on down on my knee,

My life would be different,

It would be with thee. 

I sit and wonder,

If it will happen again,

Pure, happy feeling,

I'd cherish it once again. 

If you are there, 

Wishing you were me,

Maybe we should fall in love,

Together, eternally.


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