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I- Daemon

Oh, you, owner of my dreams! 

Oh, you, owner of my susurrated

thoughts and reflections. 

You taught me to search

amongst my regrets and

commandments for pearls of

wisdom and diamonds forged

in the pressures of experience. 

Yet, they taught me that I am

nothing more than an impediment

to the divine wisdom and will. 

So, why bother with growing

pains? Set me free and lead 

me on the right Path, to my 

destiny. And do not trick me, 

for I am your light, that I am.

II- Satan

The wind is blowing, the

clouds are roaring. Time is

flowing, and yet everything 

stands still. All is beginning

to happen, as it has happened 

before. A wooden house 

rises from an uniform slope.

Burning in the mist of a dark

cold forest, like a phosphorous

sun. Blood-red and gold, like 

a garden’s marigold. From

the darkness stood forth  a

silhouette, unrecognizable in 

form. An echoing thud is heard, 

like that of a metal entering 

water, and everything gets 

condensed under its pull. The

gravity of the moment swallows 

the lightness of the Moor. For 

intoxicating Darkness steeped 

in fear is the reward. Decay is 

vicious and  Oblivion is your  lot. 

So, why must you be reap for 

what you did not sow? -is asked


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