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‘Am I in London?’

"I am."

Where is Elizabeth?

Happy living story

All of your chapter

Bounlance joy

Please my heart

Power hand

Wise mind

Our baby

Vow vow

Love all love

Miss I miss

Endless wonder

Bring us together

Love all love

Miss I miss

For everything 

My mind has been emptied.

Annual subscription £25.        

You have cleaned everyone.          

Just a word. 

It is really scary.

LIO still in the club. 

I am afraid.

STOP eat?

I feel something horrible around me, the senses.

I don't know why tomato. 

It is thick.

I don’t know why.

With holy much love.

I just cannot think of it.

I say lili.

Subscription £25 + £10/year.

After another death of me, lili, I called you lili, Princess Elili.


I am your knight.

This report paper is reported on publications that I can search and cite. 

Down my knees.

Governments can help, for example, Governments should govern a healthier life style. 

I say lili, if I can miss you.

We can play sports regularly and drinking tea. 

Can I miss you?

Tea parties are ready to deliver.

I miss your love.

I was in London.

I’d like to share the feeling of waking up in a room with thousands of roses.

Roses are in Lancaster.

She wakes up

It scared me.

When somebody woke her

I was afraid.

She becomes alive

My mind was crashed and now it has nothing in it. 

When somebody needed her

Um, mentally.

When you walk in pressure,

This is not me.

Gas, She is there

I mean, myself.

Do you need my love?

I have an empty mind.

I need your love. 

I slept well. 

You gave me your only love.

Is there a good place?

Last night brought me back to the nights when you are alive, I feel safe.

Shall rest in peace.

Elili alive,

Flower and candy

I write it down to remember the terrific feeling. 

Will I have a home?

I had the most pleasant sleep when I was in your mind.

Love to study.

Will I have it again? 

Many many.

Tears cannot describe. 

When I have the free?

I say lili, if I love you.

As a bird.

You are there.

Way to go.

I say lilili, I love you.

To meet the heart.

God guard. 

I want.

She is in London.


Your love lead me straight to Chris’s video after long time no see. 

I was in the British library.

Thank you for bringing peoples to me.

The British Library is in London.

I shall publish this page for Chris. 

The Buckingham palace is in London.

I’d like to say that I can’t see.

I brought flowers to Oxford road however I can’t find your store.

I shouldn’t say too much and I miss you so much. 

Then I bring natas to you when I was hiding.

I can add one, in a good way.

Now you can find me in roses when I come back to Lancaster.


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