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We spent our afternoons on the monkey bars
Traded and shared one another’s snacks
You were my best friend, and I was yours
What I’d give to have them days back.

It’s the truth that we saw each other through dark times
Now I’m sitting here reminiscing on way back when
No matter where I go, you’re always on my mind
I see flashbacks traveling through the air in this cigarette smoke.

It’s such a shame that we never got to say goodbye
Close my eyes underneath the full moon and whisper a prayer
I’m hoping you’re flourishing in this crazy game we call life
‘Cause I know you’re out there somewhere.

What about when we graduated?
A midnight drive was how we celebrated
You found it comical when that officer gave me a ticket
Your favorite song comes on and I still hear you in it.

We were each other’s first kiss and prom dates
Everyone thought we would end up together
Do you recall what else was our first time?
If I’m being honest no one does it better – than you
An immense amount of memories that still, makes me cry.


Austin Spradlin is a 26-year-old writer. His work can be found in Serial Killer Magazine. Fahrenheit Books. He recently made his screenwriting debut with New Century Writers in an upcoming horror film (title under contract.)


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