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We are calling for your soul

for a benevolent autumnal source

May the hoary times arrive

full of sunny gloom endlessly dream!

with a fancy

coming from tender sea

we are conjuring you dreamer

your mythical pearls

Come propitious birdies

from Olympus-mountling!

Recite my songs

about  the mellow dawn

about brave honest hoplite-like treasure!

Poetry from the shepherd boy

The Spartans were today

by vultures’ tone awakened

the august  chasms

still nearby the autumn heart

light autumn wings

I am immortalizing them delicately

in the superbest vase

as well as in picture on the wall

in a temple of a wisdom

Athena’s in the isle

the muser evokes miracles

the helots dream very finely

the destinies of perioikoi

are slumbering  in an ancient grotto

unusual autumn-songs flying

they become the philosophic hoard

the atomists find thereby

the edenic afflatus

in hawk's eyes and in wings

of the philosophic discharge

the natural philosophers are waking

in the balmy homesickness

the autumn loves all sophists

it donates notebooks  to Wise Men

a whiff of the eschatology

the skeptics and stoics

are going strutting arm in arm

to the moony fire

to the purest best gleam

an apotheosis  -  a worship

become a sweaty salvation of heart

from Plato full of the starry impact

in the distant cave there is

an idyllic rainbow

the freed caveman

is drunken from an ambrosia

the troglodytes adjusted

by little dew such a laurel freedom

they delight in a poem

in the shooting star that falls dawn

in the pond of the Becoming and Faith

the meteorites down here

orderly word of being

for Aristotle more beautiful

he is being as a rambler led

into the path of musing stars

Tyrtaeus’ lyre is musing about

the experiential eudemonia

the morning daydream is picturesque

Be awake and becharmed when

the deduction with induction

seem to be fraternized!


quire – archaic: choir


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