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Queen for a Day

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Her old man was mean, mean as sin, meaner still when drinking and he drank often.  In his youth he'd been handsome and sly, flush with inherited land and money, hid his wickedness behind flashing eyes and a winsome smile.

She was delicate and pale, an only child accustomed to the warmth and safety of a protective family.

He entered her life in a whirlwind of presents and proclaimed adoration. 


Blood on the Temple Pavement

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Blood was everywhere. The two young masons were attacking each other violently with hand axes, their blood splashing onto the pavement and the stone work they had been working on minutes before.  The young female sculptor and the Priest were just leaving the middle temple when they stumbled on the scene.

"Stop!" Pebble called. "Stop it at once!"

Amazingly, they paused, breathing heavily and dripping sweat.


The Fairy Ring

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They sat at the beach on drift wood logs and watched the acrobatic play of birds nesting in the rocky cliffs that surrounded them.  The ocean stretched to the horizon; its dark blue water turning pale green as it entered the shallow cove.  Waves rose and fell, capped in white as they crested and broke washing across the beach and the outcroppings of rock that protruded from the sand. Beyond the beach was a dense forest of giant trees. The forest appeared cool, dark, and mysterious. 


Here Today, Guam Tomorrow

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Thursday, September 7, 1972 - NYPD Ninth Pct. - 2300 hours

“So tell me again, this time like you’re explaining it to a five year old,” Patrolman Lorenzo De Frenzo, Shield # 13077 said, staring at the man sitting on a broken chair in the 124 Clerical Room of the NYPD’s Ninth Pct. Station House.

Quinten Bialy started to explain his story again, as slowly and as methodically as he possibly could. Patrolman De Frenzo’s initial, professional and correct decision stood: “The missing person, a male caucasian, 30 years old, Bella Berousky, was not Quinten’s relative, but was his roommate, even so, Quinten could not report him missing.” That fact was already explained during the first minute of their encounter, re: NYPD Policy.


In the Best of Families

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“You could afford a really classy house now that you have Marianne’s share of the inheritance,” Donna said.  “Unless she comes back.”  Then she stopped.  Her hand hovered over the fireplace mantle before setting her glass of scotch on it.  “Ralph, what happened?  Your fireplace is gone.”


He shrugged.  “Before your sister left I told her I was going to brick up the damn hole.  Neither of us liked the soot, the heat loss, the smoke.  Guy down the street — Jason — did the work while we were away last weekend.”


The Real Eternal Friday

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They decided to meet at the Chinese restaurant next door to the bowling alley, because the food there was great, and although the bowling alley hosted a league on Thursday nights and got super crowded, almost no one dined in at the restaurant.  Most of the business came from takeout orders, so the four of them could eat and talk in peace.


Trumpet's Haunting

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It is so many years ago in the year of our Lord 1871, and I’m still not sure what occurred on this estate during the early hours of that morning. An icy wind tore at the eaves and rocked the rafters like a dilapidated dinghy on the violent sea in the heaviest of squalls. Moans of pain filled the halls with torment and dread, for we all knew that death was coming for my beloved wife Gerda.


The Place Beyond The Trees

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The beer left Jason parched and slightly dehydrated. He snatched a water bottle inside the cooler and sat in the lawn chair he packed for the night. The icy liquid soothed his thirst almost immediately.

Several minutes of watching the fire wood crumble advanced until his attention shifted to Byron creeping out of his tent. Byron was his best friend and fellow teammate from the varsity football team. He grinned at Jason and plopped in the chair beside him with a sigh.

“Can’t sleep?” said Jason.


Where There's a Will

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“I wish the old bastard would die.”

“Don’t worry, he will.”

“Yes, but when?”


“Not soon enough to suit me.”

“That’s your problem, you’re too impetuous.  You need to develop some patience.”

“To hell with patience.  I’m young.  I have needs.  I don’t want to wait for him to croak.”


That Dude

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That’s the Dude right there

See the dude in the trench?

Yeah, that one.  Long, tan trench coat. Black slacks; hard-soled dress shoes; black, too. My man is wearing a beret.

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